Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Phin Wallaby

The Wallaby Rides Again!
Phin Wallaby

April 10 2011 Kempsey Golf Club 8.30am start
3 races in one.
3 classes
3 tracks
1 day

How does this work?
  1. You pick what amount of laps you want to compete in for all 3 races (e.g. pick 1 lap per race will mean you do 3 laps in total), no changing mid event.
  2. You pick your group Racer, Rider or Trail Bike (140mm travel min) with prizes for the winners of groups. After the first round any "Rider" (group) time better than 3rd place in the Racer class will be re classified as a Racer for the whole event.
  3. There will be a 15min break (about half a lap) from the time the 5th placed 3 lap Racer finishes before the next race starts. Early you get in the more rest you get.
Example: I'm entering in 3 lap Racers class.

Entry fee $30 for 3 lappers $20 for 2 lappers $10 1 lappers.
Note: There is no age or gender catergories, if you don't think you can be in the front half of the lap catergory enter in the Riders group, prizes are still the same.

Online entries here

Late entries or entries on the day will incur an additional $10 fee unless otherwise arranged

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