Monday, February 7, 2011

LunarC 8hr

Josh, Tim and Kylee headed to Murrenbong this weekend for the LunarC 8HR. Tim headed out as a solo of course and after a flat tyre from the year before's winner took the lead and extended it to almost a lap and a half lead by the 8hr mark! Josh and Nigel hit it out in the pairs division. The boys ran two laps at a time, holding 3rd position for 3 hours, the boys went lap for lap then, however as the night went on they lost their advantage taking up 5th position with only an hour to go! Nigel took on the track for his last lap and by the 8 hr mark josh had helped him to regain a position, finishing in 4th! All guys did an absolute corker of a job! Josh and Tim represented KMORC with flying colours! A huge thanks to Kylee for keeping Tim well fed and watered throughout the night!

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